Integrated Math
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 Integrated Math - Goals and Objectives


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Purpose of this course

Integrated Math was designed to guide you through an exploration of integers, rational numbers, equations, inequalities, functions, and geometry as the relate to algebraic thinking. Problem solving serves as a unifying strand. The overall goal in this course is to not only explore all of these topics, but to make you (the student), more comfortable with mathematics in general. This course will prepare you for subsequent math courses you may elect to take in the future.

Overview : By the end of Integrated Math, you should be able to:

  • Use problem solving strategies to solve a variety of different problem types
  • Translate verbal phrases into numerical expressions and evaluate expressions
  • Write and solve simple and two-step equations/inequalities
  • Locate points and represent relations
  • Compare and order integers and find the absolute value of an expression
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers and rational numbers
  • Evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions
  • Use the LCD and GCF for factoring and solving equations/inequalities
  • Use ratios and proportions to solve problems
  • Be familiar with the use of the OGT calculator


Good luck and remember that I am always here to help!